Well hello Market Season! The following is a list of the Winter Specialty Show and Farmers Markets that West River Creamery Will Be Attending.

Winter Farmers Markets

Dorset, Vermont -  Winter Market at JK Adams Kitchen Store Sunday 10-2

Wayland, Mass - Starting January 7th Russell's Garden Center  Route 20 10-2

Holiday Specialty Shows

November 12th Holiday Inn Rutland, VT Holiday Market and Specialty Show

November 18th & 19th St. Joseph's Holiday Bazaar, Wakefield, MA

November 20th Willaimstown MA Thanksgiving Farmers Market 10-2

    West River Creamery is located at Middletown Farm, which is nestled between 3 mountains in Londonderry, VT.  The farm is over 200 hundred acres and has been an operating dairy farm since 1945, the size of the herd and the nature of the business has been evolving over the years.

     At present there are a total of 40 milking cows 1/3 of them being Jersey and the other 2/3 are Holstein. We do not use rbgh hormones and do use vegetarian rennet in all our cheeses.  The cows are pastured from May through November.  We adhere to traditional methods of cheese making from stirring and cutting the curd by hand then carefully, one at a time fill the molds.

     Three families make the production of this cheese possible.  Barry and Wendy Rowland -the owner and stewards of the farm, Nick and Amy Stone who lovingly care for and milk the herd, Charlie and Jane Parant - owners of West River Creamery.   The Parant family has always been involved in agriculture and believes that working together with the Rowland’s and Stones that we can continue to keep another Vermont dairy farm sustainable.      

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